The masterpiece of your wine library

Wine cabinets

Wine is a «living» drink in which various chemical reactions are constantly occurring after bottling.

The ripening period is important for improving the taste and bouquet of wine and the environment at this stage has a direct impact on its final quality. That is why Libhof wine cabinets combine all the criteria necessary for optimal wine maturation, allowing you to recreate ideal storage conditions at home.

Thanks to its modern, elegant design and thoughtful functionality designed to meet your needs, Libhof wine cabinets fit perfectly into any interior and guarantee pleasant impressions that can be shared over a glass of wine.

An ideal environment for maturing and storing wine


The storage temperature of wine affects the speed of its quality and the speed of maturation. The temperature inside the cabinet should remain stable.​


The humidity level should be 65-80%. Lack of humidity leads to drying of the cork. Too high humidity creates condensation and leads to mold formation and peeling of the label.

No vibrations

Vibrations can interfere with optimal maturation, as they are harmful to the process of wine development. Therefore, it is very important
to protect your bottles from any vibrations.

Protection from light

For optimal maturation, the wine must be protected from ultraviolet rays, which destroy tannins.

Wine cabinets of the «Amateur» series meet all the requirements for perfect wine storage.
Laconic and technological, they will keep your drinks in perfect condition and help you fully enjoy the wonderful taste of wine. Cabinets work according to the thermoelectric principle, which is based on the use of the Peltier effect. The main advantage of these refrigerators is the absence of vibrations harmful to wine bottles. And thanks to a special coating on the glass door, your collection will be protected from sunlight and, in particular, from UV radiation, which can quickly cause irreversible damage to wine as a result of tannin oxidation. The «Amateur» model range includes both single-zone and two-zone models in all dimensions — narrow and wide, high and low, so you can easily choose the right model for yourself

Wine cabinets of the Connoisseur series are ideal for both wine lovers and novice collectors. The durable and eco-friendly inverter compressor helps to save electricity and significantly reduces noise and vibration. It ensures that the temperature is maintained in the optimal range for wine from +5 to +20 degrees. Operation parameters are controlled using convenient touch buttons and an LCD display with digital temperature indication. And an elegant appearance and a variety of shapes makes it possible to choose the model that is right for you in size and design. In the «Connoisseur» model range there are compact narrow and roomy wide options designed for different numbers of bottles.

The simple and elegant design of Esthete wine cabinets will look perfect in any conditions and will be combined with kitchen appliances, will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room, dining room or office. A specially designed compressor equipped with a stabilization system that minimizes vibrations and a carbon filter are responsible for creating an optimal microclimate inside the Esthete series wine refrigerators. Wooden shelves are mounted on telescopic rails, which provides a good view and convenient access to bottles – even those located at the back. Tinted double-glazed window made of tempered anti-UV glass prevents the oxidation of wine. Cabinets of this series have a wide temperature range, which allows you to store absolutely any kind of wine. And an accurate electronic control system guarantees a constant temperature level inside the working chamber.

Wine refrigerators of the Gourmet series are created for gourmets and true connoisseurs of wine. The cabinet chamber maintains an optimal temperature, humidity and light level, which can be adjusted depending on the type of stored beverage. High technologies provide a built-in anti-vibration system that meets the requirements of wine storage, and a ventilation and filtration system that eliminates the appearance of an unpleasant odor. The glass heating system maintains a constant temperature inside the refrigerator, even if the temperature outside is lower than the one set on the wine cabinet panel.

Cabinets of the Sommelier series are professional beverage storage for restaurants and large private collections. With them, you can be sure of the safety of your wine collection. Sommelier takes up no more space than an ordinary refrigerator, and the classic strict design and the latest technologies allow it to be used both at home and in a restaurant, cafe, wine bar. The high-precision electronic control system allows you to keep the internal temperature of wine storage constant, and the electronic display significantly increases the convenience of using the wine cabinet. Comfortable shelves are made of precious wood, thanks to which a trail of noble aroma is maintained in the refrigerator. At the same time, the inclined display shelf allows you to effectively demonstrate your wine collection to guests at any time.