Libhof for home

Wine cabinets
and humidors

The temperature set by the user is automatically maintained inside so that the taste of wine or cigars is always perfect

Dry aged cooler

Meat cabinets will perfectly fit into the interior of catering establishments, trade, and enterprises. They are also suitable for home use.

Air fryers

Aerogrills can replace several devices at once: a stove, an oven and even a steamer. It is ideal for people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mini ovens

Mini ovens are an important tool in the kitchen, which will allow you to cook a variety of dishes.

Built-in hobs

Glass-ceramic hobs are positioned as safe to use, as evidenced by their increased heat resistance.

Built-in electric oven

The built-in electric oven is an ideal choice for those who want to update their kitchen and make it functional.

Built-in Microwave

Built-in microwave ovens are a modern and stylish solution that will allow you to save space in the kitchen.

Electric grill

An electric grill is a device that allows you to cook meat, fish, vegetables and poultry, as on coals. It heats up in a matter of minutes, which can significantly reduce the cooking time.


Table stoves are an excellent choice for those who like to experiment with dishes and create new culinary masterpieces

Meat grinders

The main purpose is the preparation of minced meat.  Unlike the manual options, the electric one is more convenient, since no physical effort is required.


The process of grinding and mixing products will become easy and fast with the Libhof immersion blenders.

Electric kettles

The stylish, laconic design of our models will not only fit into every interior, but will also become its real decoration.

Coffee makers

In the modern world, it has become possible to prepare various coffee drinks right at home. All you need to do is get a coffee maker.

Ice Maker

The intelligent touch control panel will help you adjust the size of the ice.

Wine coolers

The Libhof bottle cooler is designed for fast and convenient cooling of wine in cafes, restaurants, as well as at home.


A wide range of highly efficient household dehydrators and special models for farmers and small industries.

Climatic equipment

A wide range of climatic equipment from dehumidifiers to humidifiers.

Mini bars

A compact refrigerator will be an excellent option for storing drinks in the country, in a bar, hotel, or in a residential area.

Beauty Fridges

The perfect solution for those who take care of their skin. For makeup artists, cosmetologists and ladies.

New products

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of equipment for home, outdoor activities and travel – from convenient household appliances to powerful production models.

Libhof is a benchmark for reliability and innovation in the world of home appliances. Our range includes high-quality devices designed with modern technological requirements in mind to make your life more comfortable and convenient.
From kitchen gadgets that make it easier to prepare delicious meals, to smart home devices that increase energy efficiency and the safety of your space, Libhof provides a wide range of products to improve the quality of your life.