Libhof for travel

Car refrigerators

They are suitable for transporting food, beverages, baby food, medicines and much more.

Isothermal equipment

Save your groceries during trips, picnics or fishing trips

Portable solar devices

It is suitable for long-term and active recreation. High performance even in cloudy weather and winter time.

Mobile kitchens

They are indispensable for long trips. They are easy to install, practical and convenient to use.

Car air conditioners

Provides a comfortable climate in the car for the driver and passengers, eliminating the risk of hypothermia.

External refrigerator batteries

Designed for recharging car refrigerators and other appliances, voltage is 12V.

Cold storage batteries

The cold storage battery will allow you to maintain an optimal temperature inside the isothermal bag.

Gas grills

Портативные газовые грили Libhof Travel Grill отличное решение для пикника Благодаря компактному размеру их удобно брать с собой в автопутешествие или на природу.


They can be used for heating rooms, garages, houses, cabins, as well as heating cars.

New products

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of equipment for home, outdoor activities and travel – from convenient household appliances to powerful production models.

Libhof is a reliable travel companion, providing a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of the modern traveler. Our range includes compact and functional devices that will make life easier for you on the road.

From portable chargers and solar panels to smart travel accessories, we have everything you need to ensure that you can enjoy every minute of your adventure, forgetting about worries. Traveling becomes much more enjoyable with the technology from Libhof.