Libhof Amateur AFD-21


The Libhof AFD-21 wine cabinet with a capacity of up to 21 bottles of a standard volume of 750 ml operates on the thermoelectric principle, which is based on the use of the Peltier effect. The main advantage of this model is the absence of vibrations harmful to wine bottles. Due to the presence of two temperature zones, the cabinet is perfect for storing white and red wines that require ripening before use, as well as ready for serving. A special coating on the glass door will protect your bottles from sunlight and, in particular, from UV radiation, which can quickly cause irreversible damage to the wine as a result of the oxidation of tannins. Shelves made of solid beech are resistant to moisture. A convenient control panel with a display and a digital thermometer is located behind the glass: you do not need to open the door to control the operation. The model has a stylish design and will look great in any interior.

Technical Specifications

Refrigerator typestanding separately
Cooling system typethermoelectric
Number of temperature zones2
Volume, l60
Capacity, 750 ml bottles21
Temperature range, ° С7-18, 10-18
Number of shelves7
Display Shelvesno
Shelf materialsolid beech
Climatic classSN, N
Energy efficiency classB
Voltage, V220-240
Power, W140
Charcoal filterno
Moisture control no
Noise level, dB41
Heated glassno
Control typeelectromechanical
Reversible dooryes
temperature, backlight
Body materialmetal
Backlight colorwhite
Facade colormetal
Glass colormirrored
Cabinet dimensions (WxHxD), cm34 х 82 х 51
Package dimensions (WxHxD), cm43 х 90,5 х 60
Net weight, kg20,4
Gross weight, kg24
Vendor codelibafd21
Equipmentwine cabinet, instructions, solid beech shelves, handle, handle fixings

Where to buy

The nearest store in your city can be found on the official dealers page of Libhof.