LIВНОF is a team of dedicated employees. The goal of our work is to create the best equipment for outdoor activities, maintaining high quality and a pricing strategy aimed at the widest segments of the population.

LINHOF company offers modern and reliable compressor car refrigerators for the transportation of food, beverages, baby food and medicines to make your vacation exciting and comfortable.


Millions of people around the world use car refrigerators on the way. These are van drivers, yacht owners, truckers, tourists and just those who like to spend time outdoors. Our growing audience is people who love freedom and adventure, are eager to see the world and are not averse to being away from home for a long time. We call it mobile life. And our task is to make it comfortable.

For fishing

For a large company

For a long journey

For giving


Low noise level

One of the quietest compressors, the noise level is less than 40dB.

Eco Mode

Reduced energy consumption helps to save fuel.

Settings memory

All settings will be completely safe after the power is turned off.

Touch panel

Pleasant responsive touch control as the completion of the style.

Work at an angle of up to 45°

Working under an unprecedented large slope is something that boat and SUV owners will appreciate.

Battery over-discharge protection

3 levels of settings will not allow the battery to run out.

Temperature range from -25ºC to +10ºC

Freezing, cooling, storage - choose what you need.

Supply voltage for networks - 12V/24V/220V

Universal power supply for cars, commercial vehicles, trailers and boats/

3 years warranty

A high-performance reliable compressor is the heart of Libhof refrigerators. Thanks to the impressive results in bench tests and the experience of long-term use by our customers, we are so confident in the reliability of the compressors that we give them a 3-year unconditional warranty.

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