Libhof Q-28

Main advantages

Fastening with a safety belt

Libhof Q-28 is a compact compressor car refrigerator. A reliable metal bracket on the body is designed to be fixed on the passenger seat with the help of seat belts. Due to the higher body than the Q18 and Q22, this refrigerator is usually placed in the rear of the cabin for convenience.

Key Features

Like all Linhof compressor refrigerators, the Q28 has a touch control panel, settings memory, and three-level battery protection. Adjustable temperature range from -25°C to +10°C, energy consumption up to 45 watts. The thick isothermal layer of the walls allows you to maintain a low temperature inside the case for a long time. The refrigerator is able to work stably at slopes up to 45 °.

Technical Specifications

Cooling systemcompressor
Fridge volume27.4 l
Power supply12V, 24V, 220V (optional)
Power consumption45 W
Operating temperature rangefrom + 10 ° С to -25 ° С
Indicatorscurrent mode, temperature
Regulation / ControlsTouch panel
Refrigerant volume32 g
Peculiar propertiesECO-mode, 3 levels protection from battery discharge
Package Contentsuser manual, power cable, partition, fridge
Dimensions of the main camera36 х 24 х 31.7 cm
Dimensions of the refrigerator case58 × 39 × 32 cm
Dimensions of the refrigerator with handles (built-in)61 х 39 х 32 cm
Package Dimensions66 х 47 х 40 cm
Weight12 kg
Warranty1 year
Compressor Warranty3 years


Where to buy

You can find the nearest store on the official Linhof dealers page.