Libhof SPF-4120

Main advantages

  • Monocrystalline solar тa battery made of a monolithic silicon crystal.
  • Lightweight and ultra-thin, comfortable store and install.
  • Suitable for long outdoor activities and organizing a camp away from civilization.
  • Convenient bag with pockets for тaccessories and carrying handle.
  • Controller included.
  • Cigarette lighter outlet.
  • High performance even in cloudy weather and winter time.

Technical Specifications

Power, W120
Voltage at maximum power, V18
Current at maximum power, A6,67
Short circuit current, A7,33
Voltage without load, V21,24
Folded dimensions, mm380х550х20
Opened dimensions, mm1500х550х5
Net weight, kg4,2


Where to buy

You can find the nearest store on the official Linhof dealers page.