Libhof K-30H

Main advantages

Easy transportation

Libhof K-30H is a compressor car refrigerator for the most convenient transportation. The telescopic handle and wheels allow you to roll the refrigerator on a hard surface like a suitcase. The camera, housing and control panel are similar to the K-30 model. The durable case is made in a classic white color for refrigerators with dark accents. The lid has a mechanical lock.

Key Features

Like all Libhof compressor refrigerators, the K-30H has a touch control panel, settings memory, and three-level battery protection. The adjustable temperature range is from -25 °C to +10 °C, energy consumption is up to 46 watts, and a thick isothermal layer of the walls allows you to maintain a low temperature inside the case for a long time. The refrigerator is able to work stably at slopes up to 45 °.

Technical Specifications

Cooling systemcompressor
Fridge volume31 l
Power supply12V, 24V, 220V (optional)
Power consumption46 W
Operating temperature rangefrom + 10 ° С to -25 ° С
Indicatorscurrent mode, temperature
Regulation / ControlsTouch panel
Refrigerant volume42 g
Peculiar propertiesECO-mode, 3 levels protection from battery discharge
Package Contentsuser manual, power cable, partition, fridge
Dimensions of the main camera35 х 24 х 31.8 cm
Additional camera dimensions24 х 97 х 16.7 cm
Dimensions of the fridge58 × 35 × 42 cm
Package Dimensions66 х 48 х 39 cm
Weight12 kg
Warranty1 year
Compressor Warranty3 years


Where to buy

You can find the nearest store on the official Linhof dealers page.