Libhof Gourmet GP-38 black


The GP-38 wine cabinet will help you create ideal conditions for displaying and storing a collection of wines from 38 bottles. The model is distinguished not only by its stylish design, but also by its impeccable functionality. Modern technological solutions allow you to maintain the selected temperature with high accuracy, which is a prerequisite for long-term storage of vintage wine. The cabinet is equipped with a modern compressor system, which significantly reduces vibration and noise, which prevents the noble drink from stirring and the appearance of sediment. The replaceable carbon filter is used to eliminate foreign odors penetrating into the product through the natural ventilation system. Due to the minimal heat generation during operation, LED lamps do not heat the interior space and contents of the compartment, and there is a special UV filter in the tinted cabinet door that protects the wine from the sun rays harmful to the drink. The cabinet is equipped with a touch control panel, there are buttons on it to adjust the temperature and turn on the lighting.

Technical Specifications

ModelGP-38 black
Refrigerator typestanding separately
Cooling system typecompressor
Compressor typestandard
Number of temperature zones1
Volume, l94
Capacity, 750 ml bottles38
Temperature range, ° С5-18
Number of shelves8
Display Shelvesno
Shelf materialsolid beech
Climatic classSN, N
Energy efficiency classF
Voltage, V220-240
Power, W90
Charcoal filteryes
Moisture control yes
Noise level, dB41
Heated glassno
Control typesensory
Settings memoryyes
Reversible doorno
temperature, backlight
Body materialmetal
Backlight colorblue
Facade colorblack
Glass colorsmoky
Cabinet dimensions (WxHxD), cm39,5 х 84 х 58
Package dimensions (WxHxD), cm48 х 90,5 х 66,5
Net weight, kg31,5
Gross weight, kg37
Vendor codelibgp38b
Equipmentwine cabinet, instructions, solid beech shelves, charcoal filter
Warranty2 year wine cabinet warranty and 3 year extended compressor warranty

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