Libhof DHS-145


The Libhof DHS-145 model is an air dehumidifier based on silica gel, the most popular desiccant. The device is designed for cabinets, walk-in closets, a car or small rooms. The dehumidifier reduces indoor moisture in just 2 hours.

Technical Specifications

Room area, m5
Availability of WI-FIno
Efficiency, l0.1
Voltage, V100-240
Power, W45
Dimensions (WxHxD), cm12х27х12
Net weight, kg1
Gross weight, kg1.87
Package dimensions (WxHxD), cm12,8х33,6х12,8
Guarantee1 year
Article numberlibdhs145


Where to buy

You can find the nearest store on the official Linhof dealers page.