Libhof AHP-512


The Linhof autonomous diesel heater is completely independent of the engine, it will allow you to heat the interior regardless of whether the car is started or not. The device does not require installation, therefore it has a wide range of applications: it can be used on special equipment, light and medium trucks, small minibuses, and it can also be used for heating rooms, garages, houses, cabins, tents, awnings.
During its operation, the car heater consumes a small amount of fuel. Just select the power manually or switch to automatic mode.
The presence of a temperature sensor allows you to control the set value in a certain place of the cabin and cabin. The heater operates in autonomous mode, using diesel fuel from its own tank.

Technical Specifications

Voltage, V12/220
Power consumption, W40
Thermal power, kW5
Fuel tank capacity, l4
Dimensions (WxHxD), cm34х24,3х33,9
Net weight, kg7,9
Gross weight, kg10,2
Package dimensions (WxHxD), cm39,4х40,2х36,4
Equipmentheater, remote control, intake tube, air filter, exhaust tube, muffler, deflector, duct, 220V power supply, instruction, mounting kit
Guarantee1 year
Article numberlibahp512


Where to buy

You can find the nearest store on the official Linhof dealers page.