Cold storage batteries

The cold storage battery will allow you to maintain an optimal temperature inside the isothermal bag.
It can be used an unlimited number of times.

Gel filler

Freezing to -25°C

Long cold preservation

Size options:

Size options:

Cigarette lighter extension

It is designed to connect electrical appliances that consume direct current with a voltage of 12V/24V to the vehicle’s on-board network. An indispensable accessory for placing a car refrigerator in the trunk, not equipped with a cigarette lighter. Suitable for all Linhof car refrigerators.

Cable length
3 meters

Voltage Loss <2%

Electrical parameters:

Electrical parameters:

Protective film

for car refrigerators

A fully transparent armored film will protect your refrigerator from light damage, scratches and chips.

Variations for models:

Q-18 , Q-22, Q-28

Q-26, Q-36

Q-30 , Q-40, Q-55, Q-65

External battery

for car refrigerators

Designed for recharging car refrigerators and other equipment that consumes direct current with a voltage of 12V.

Extended service life due to a large number of recharge cycles.
High energy density and low self-discharge.
Stable discharge voltage until the battery is completely discharged.
Light indicators that notify about the charge level.

Suitable for all Libhof refrigerators

More than a day of work

16000 mAh

230 Wh