Built-in hob

Libhof MO 8821R Tap+

Main advantages

  • The combined Linhof MO 8821R Tap+ hob is designed for simultaneous use of a gas stove and a sink. The compact model has an oval shape and is equipped with one gas burner, a compact round sink with increased depth located to the right of the burner, as well as a mixer. The faucet folds easily when pressed. There is an anti-noise pad at the bottom of the sink. The built-in panel is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a common folding black glass cover made of tempered glass.The combined model is designed for right-hand use in the kitchen of a motorhome, camper or yacht. The hinges of the lid have a hidden design, which makes it easy to close the hinged lid and use it as a work surface. The kit includes a mounting kit for the sink and stove. The model has standard connection connectors.

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