Cooler bags

The insulated bag will keep drinks and food fresh and cool in hot weather. It is used together with a cold accumulator, which is pre-frozen in the freezer and then placed in a bag.

Away from home

We believe that life should be easy and enjoyable – far from home and even far from civilization. Then the whole world becomes your home. LIBHOF offers solutions for the transport of food, beverages, baby food and medicine so that our customers can fully enjoy their vacation.

Comfortable rest

Compact and convenient for carrying and storing boxes, they are able to maintain a constant temperature inside for a long time without a power supply. Perfect for camping, auto tourism and for those who like a comfortable stay.


Thanks to a strict control system, a certified quality management system, automated production lines, LIBHOF provides products of European quality and can easily compete with more well-known brands that have been on the market for a long time.

Key Features

Convenient form

Depending on the application, one or more compartments can be selected.

Stylish design

Stylish modern design is always a great addition to any quality product.

Lined 210D Polyester

100% Polyester with high density and moisture protection

Thermal insulation PEVA

PEVA is a soft, elastic, pleasant to the touch material made from vinyl polymer fibers.

Fabric density (melange) 600D

Durable polyester man-made fiber fabric. It is water-repellent.